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Whenever you and also your partner sit down to watch something together, you probably choose a light comedy, a thriller, or perhaps go on a reality TV program binge. But you might want to add porn to your list, too. True, it's not exactly the first thing you think of for a Friday-night flick, but experts claim that watching it together might actually pack some benefits for your relationship-if you are both into it, of course. So we asked sex and relationship expert Christie Hartman, Ph.D., for 3 ways it can boost your bond. Read up, and browse on:

Your boyfriend has VERY, VERY likely watched porn. And chances are, you have, too. But more real talk? Lots of people watch it by themselves, either because they don't want their significant others to get offended, or worse, they are secretly ashamed of their habit. "Watching it together means you do not have to hide anything," says Hartman "And being open and honest strengthens your bond." Plus, it'll give you the opportunity to talk about the random things that turn you on-even if they are not things you would be particularly into trying IRL. For instance, most straight women prefer lesbian porn, to ensure that could possibly be something both you and also your partner can agree is super hot.

We do not have to hit you over the head with a hammer to let you realize that porn is incredibly stimulating-for both genders. But more often than not, people use it solo to help them masturbate. "When you watch it together, however, it can be a really powerful trigger for mutual pleasure," says Hartman. That's because it's stimulating to the brain, almost like watching a scary movie together or drinking together, she continues. "Assuming you choose porn that both people like, sharing within the excitement is exactly what causes it to be so amazing," says Hartman.

Sure, we've provided you with tons of crazy sex positions and awesome tweaks for your favorite moves, but there is something about actually watching it together that makes the positions seem more real and doable. "Watching porn together may encourage couples to try role play, new positions, or acts they have not tried before," says Hartman. "A little adventure is good for a relationship, especially after being together for a long period." Plus, more than half of women in one survey said it gave them the confidence to ask for what they want in bed. So don't be afraid to say "Let's try that!" the next time you are Watching Adult Videos (click here!).
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