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Their names are Katy Griggs Camunez Meek and Edith Warner.Found in the southern element of New Mexico is a town known as Mesilla.

In the city is a developing known as La Posta de Mesilla, which goes back again to the earliest days of Mesilla when pioneers commenced moving there after the end of the war with Mexico. In 1848 the structure served as a main end on the Butterfield Phase Line and the Corn Exchange Lodge, a single of the finest lodges in the Southwest.

Today the La Posta Compound is on the National Sign up of Historic BuildingsIn 1939, Kathy Griggs, at the age of 19, opened La Posta as a small "chile cling-out." Her uncle marketed a corner of the developing to her for "one particular dollar, adore, and passion." The place had just four tables on a dust floor and, with her mom cooking in the back again, Katy worked as an cheerful and jovial hostess, welcoming visitors, getting orders, making tongue-in-cheek risquÃÂ
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