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The web is roasting President Donald Trump for bragging about how much he has read about D-Day during remarks he made in France. Back in his suite of rooms at Mar a Lago, the President called his exterior mates and advisers for his or her temper-boosting chats. When he bought bored with the calls, he wandered down READ MORE HERE to the general public areas of the club and surveyed friendly members — who pay $200,000 a yr — their ideas on guns and the coverage of Mueller and the capturing close by. Among them was Wayne Allen Root , a conservative commentator who has fed unfounded theories that the Clintons or the Democratic National Committee assassinated a former DNC aide, and Geraldo Rivera.

image class="left" url="http://media5.picsearch.com/is?XDeTXksA99faT2IiW1Wf5RsCF1Vh3e2UJoq5wW44Wws&height=227"For those who're trying to trace down the primary source of Trump memes, one good place to look is Discord, an app designed for players but in style with memelords, shitposters, and the far right READ MORE HERE. It is a voice and text chat app much like Slack that has grow to be a testbed and manufacturing unit for political memes.

The subsequent day, Cohen set up a shell firm in Delaware and borrowed $130,000 to pay Clifford, in line with courtroom information. The Trump Organization reimbursed him for the fee, plus one other $50,000 for what he described as tech services for the marketing campaign." Then it doubled the sum and threw in a $60,000 bonus, in accordance with court docket filings by prosecutors.image class="left" url="http://static2.blastingnews.com/media/photogallery/2017/2/9/290x290/b_290x290/twitter-is-just-as-confused-about-how-trump-rose-to-the-top-as-rare-us_1136873.20you20this20and20desire20acquire20info20to20trump20tweet20-20visit20-20visit20webpage.%20jpg"
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